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Folding Stereo ScopeThe scope.

For viewing in 3-D when used in conjunction with stereo pictures or aerial photos. Made of high impact, crystal-clear plastic with a 2.2x magnification, 4.7" focal length, adjustable inter-pupillary distance, and folding legs for compact storage. Use with any of the stereo books or stereo photo sets or for an aid during mounting of stereo pairs.

The design of this stereoscope is based on the pocket stereoscopes used by the military for air photo interpretation. They’re made entirely of crystal-clear plastic and are held at the correct focus by wire legs that fold up when the stereoscope isn’t being used. The 4¾-inch focal length of the lenses magnifies the images about 2.2 times. A nice feature of these stereoscopes is that the interocular distance can be adjusted from 60 to 70 mm to precisely suit each individual user. These were originally made by Hubbard Scientific. 

Hubbard Map Stereoscope

Hubbard Map Stereoscope

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