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New York, a CD-ROM Tour, in 3D 

This exciting CD-Rom Produces some of the nicest full-color anaglyphic images you'll ever see on your computer monitor.  There are 80 stereo views of every type of scene imaginable, from aerial overviews to close-up street scenes.  You may select from automated viewing with sound effects and narration, or manual viewing in which you control the rate at which images are presented.  The 5 x 7 inch storage box is designed that all you have to do is tape it closed, fill out the address section, apply postage, drop it in the mail to anyone you know who would enjoy these superb views of the big apple.  Many customers feel that this is the most professionally produced 3D CD ever made.

Minimum system requirements: 15-inch monitor (800x600 resolution) with 16-bit color, an 8x CD-ROM drive, 20MB of free RAM and QuickTime 3.0.  PCs require Windows 95 or later, MACs require System 7.5 or later.  The entire program plays from CD-ROM so installation is not necessary.  Comes with 3-D glasses.    MAC and PC.


Here are thumbnails of images from the New York 3D CD.  Please click on the images for a larger view.  More information on CD. The images are more compressed here than on the CD, therefore the images on the CD will be even more impressive.

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New York City 3D CD, NEW LOW PRICE

New York City 3D CD, NEW LOW PRICE

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