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Ultimate Camcorder Accessory:

Attaches easily to Analog Standard Definition consumer or prosumer camcorder and, in minutes, you will be making OFF THE SCREEN real stereoscopic 3D videos. More Info

NuView FAQ
It Features:
Ease of Use
Near Universal Compatibility 
Make Incredible 3D Videos!
Low Cost

Note:  This is for SD Video.  Please research field sequential video before buying.  Although new it is a bit of a relic.  More Information!

The video transmitter and wired glasses easily connect between your TV and VHS video player so you can view these and most other 3D videos and DVDs. Images take on a whole new dimension!  Comes with 37mm adapter, step-up or step-down adapters are needed for other sizes.

It offers all this!
Ease of Use: Once attached to the camcorder, autofocus, exposure, zoom, and white balance camera functions are performed as usual. It's as simple to use your camcorder to record in realistic, stereoscopic 3D as it is to record in flat, dimensionless 2D.

Compatibility with older standard def camcorders: Works with most older SD camcorders and comes with multiple adapters.

Make sure you turn off any compression and progressive scan on your camcorder. 

NuView 3D Camera Adaptor Only

NuView 3D Camera Adaptor Only

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