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Freeviewers Assistant and Variants

This is a one-eye stereoscope. It works by using a set of front surface mirrors to superimpose the left image onto the right for easy viewing. It takes a little time to master but the results are well worth it. It can be used on any variety of side by side formats as well as being the one of the only viewers of its type that can view an over/under (Viewmagic type) stereoview (to view over/under use the viewer like a periscope). It also is used for cross eyed viewing. Being a mirrored lensless viewer it has no focal length so it can be used for any size image. It also comes with a an opening cover for protection of the optical element. 

You can get an adjustable headstrap for long term or hands free use. To use it for over/under pairs simply orientate it in the vertical position. Use without the headstrap for a portable viewer that will fit in your pocket or purse!  Also comes with optional lens covers or a handle. 

One Eye Stereoscope AKA Freeviewers Assistant

One Eye Stereoscope AKA Freeviewers Assistant

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