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Phanto-Popup Joshua Tree #1

The Yucca brevifolia, more commonly known as the Joshua Tree, is a member of the Agave family. Joshua trees were recognized by native people for their useful properties: leaves for baskets and sandals, buds and seeds for food. Legend has it that Mormon pioneers named the tree after the biblical figure of Joshua, their limbs outstretched in supplication.

The tallest Joshua trees are more than forty feet high. They don' have growth rings, but their age can be estimated based on their height, as they grow from half an inch to three inches per year.

Their average lifespan is thought to be about 150 years, but some of the largest ones may be much older. Joshua trees provide food and shelter for many birds, mammals, reptiles and insects, and are a critical part ot the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

Your Joshua Tree's GPS Coordinates: 33 ° 59' 27.12" N, 116° 9' 42.66" W


Stereoscopic (3D) images work by displaying two slightly different images, one for each eye, simulating binocular vision, which is a depth cue that helps us make spatial sense of the three-dimensional world.

Anaglyph images separate the left and right views by color, most often using a red filter for the lett view and a cyan filter for the right view.

Phantograms are a special class of 3D images, in which the image is elongated and displayed horizontally, creating the illusion that the subject is standing up on a horizontal plane.

Phanto-Popups™ combine a conventional (upright) 3D image with a (horizontal) phantogram, so that the subject appears to be standing up against a 3D background scene,

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This is for the #1 card of the collection.  Collect all 6 of this series!

This is for the one card shown. 

Phanto-Popup Joshua Tree 1

Phanto-Popup Joshua Tree 1

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