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Berezin 3D Gear

Our New Phone3DVU is here!

Also works with medium format slides

Phone 3DVU for phones 6.5-7.5 inches.  Also works as a medium format slide viewer.  This viewer contains no lenses and works using a unique concave mirror system. All mirrors are first surface.  It allows for a longer focal length and does not use the suboptimal fresnel lens of most phone viewers.  This allows viewing from the window at eye level and also a few inches from the viewer if preferred.  

Pupil distance: about 65mm, depending on the phone, software adjustable
Cell phone: generally 7 inch or less can be applied to the phone, specifically the width of
the phone ≤ 8CM can be applied (16:9 screen 6 inch cell phone width is 8 centimeters).

Accessories: headband, Bluetooth handle, glasses case, moisture-proof agent, semi-
transparent concave mirror.

It boasts a Bluetooth controller optimized for Android devices, and it fits perfectly with an iPhone Max for use in slide show mode.



Phone3DVU, also works with medium format slides

Phone3DVU, also works with medium format slides

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