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Photographing in 3D

This 3rd Edition features more text on every subject, more illustrations including 34 full-color 3-D views, and better image quality thanks to the use of a special high-resolution continuous-tone printing process.

In easy-to-understand terms this book covers everything from taking 3-D photos with a single ordinary film camera to mounting 3-D slides or prints, viewing, and even projecting in 3-D. For three years the earlier editions were used for a university course in London, England.

Twin cameras, stereo cameras, attachments, and even a bit of history are all included in this 32 page book. The 34 full-color 3-D views and 27 black-and-white illustrations range in subject from aerial hyperstereos to close-ups of flowers and birds, and compliment the easily understood text. All 3-D images are suitable for free-viewing (directions included), or for viewing with an optional viewer.

The book is about 5½" x 8½", printed on glossy paper. If you bought the 1st or 2nd edition of this book, you still should consider adding this beautiful new 3rd edition to your collection. If you are a beginner we strongly recommend this as a great book to get you started!


Photographing in 3-D by Burder and Whitehouse

Photographing in 3-D by Burder and Whitehouse

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