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Our Pocket 3Dvu has everything you need to view parallel 3D images

From 3D Keystone type stereocards (3 1/2" x 7"), tablets, computer screens to large TV displays can be viewed in stunning 3D with this viewer.  Using front surface mirrors, an adjustable aspect ratio control and a mirror distance adjuster images can be viewed from a distance of around 6 inches to 14 feet.  This viewer is great for tablets and monitors of any size!

The front non-reflective glass pieces can be removed for easy cleaning and the temples are removable so the viewer can be worn like glasses or held like conventional 3d viewers.  

The bottom has a fitting for a standard 1/4-20 tripod fitting so it can be used for museum displays.  

Also works great for spot the difference picture game for finding the differences between two pictures!

When taking off temples run hot water over joint before to prevent breakage. 

The pocket 3D view can view basically any size print since the mirrors pivot. The larger the print the further back you need to go. Since it uses mirrors rather than lenses, the image is always sharp.  It is extremely versatile for this reason.

Our Pocket 3Dvu allows you to view any size parallel 3D image from 6 inches to 14 feet away. Featuring adjustable aspect ratio control and mirror distance adjuster, plus front surface mirrors and removable non-reflective glass pieces and temples, this viewer provides stunning 3D images for your tablet, computer, TV and more. Featuring a 1/4-20 tripod fitting for museum displays, this viewer is the perfect tool for 3D viewing.



Pocket 3Dvu

Pocket 3Dvu

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