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Pokescope 3D Viewer Ultimate Tool for 3D Viewing

The Pokescope 3D Viewer is the ultimate tool for stereo viewing. Its durable ABS plastic construction, glass prism windows, and protective folding design make it easy to transport and view 3D images, large prints, stereo cards, and 4"x 6" prints, on both computers and TVs. Get the best viewing experience with Pokescope, named the best product for ISU members!

This mini-viewer can view small cards and large cards and computer images... it works with any stereo image size. 

Pokescope 3D Viewer Named Best Product available for purchase and most useful for ISU (International Stereoscopic Union) members!

You can: 

pokescope closed

View full-screen, full-color 3D images on
your computer 
View large print stereographs 
View 4"x6" stereo prints without cutting
and mounting 
Browse traditional stereo cards 
View full-color stereo on TV screens 


Glass prism windows for a clear view, low

pokescope open

distortion, and easy cleaning 
Durable ABS plastic construction 
Folds into a protective shape which easily fits into a pocket 

Pokescope 3D Viewer

Pokescope 3D Viewer

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