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Book: Postcards of Far North Queensland (Australia)

booksjpegfinetuned.JPG (46489 bytes)This new book of 3D images from Australia is a fantastic visit to Australia in 3D. This book is not technically a postcard book but a book of stereoviews of Australia.  It works with a full flat format that is compatible with all our 3D viewers. It will also work well with the Screenscope, Holmes Stereoscope, Pokescope and Lorgnette viewers.  This is our newest full color book offering images of Australia. 

Included are stunning images of Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 3D,cover.jpg (39760 bytes) tropical rain forests, aboriginal history and the marvelous Australian outback.  

 A 50 page book with 50 high quality stereo photos of Far North Queensland. Based on a short concise history of this area explaining about local Aboriginal history, early European history, early industries and current issues. With a strong preservation and conservation message it also showcases the Great Barrier Reef, Tropical rainforests, Outback regions of Cape York as well as the unique scenery, flora and fauna of the area. 

Postcards of Far North Queensland

Postcards of Far North Queensland

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