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These durable glasses contain optical quality cast acrylic lenses tinted to exacting color standards. The lenses are chromatically tuned to phosphors in computer screens to virtually eliminate ghost images and other annoying visual distortions. The frames fit over most regular frames with corrective lenses. These are red with a shade of cyan that is more blue than our Anachrome glasses. 

3-D Hobbyists and Enthusiasts - Create your own anaglyph 3-D graphics. View 3-D websites, animated cartoons and comics. Excellent for anaglyph 3-D art already in print.

Graphic Designers - Produce dynamic 3-D logos, advertisements and promotions using popular Photo Editing, Drawing, Paint and 3-D Modeling software.

Game Developers and Software Programmers - Add anaglyph 3-D for enhanced realism. Shift planes of visual information forward and backward to create extraordinary depth.

Scientists and Researchers - View your data in a dramatically more realistic fashion everything from simulations and medical imaging to CAD and molecular modeling.

Proview Anaglyph 3D Glasses

Proview Anaglyph 3D Glasses

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