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Screen-Vu Mini Stereo Viewer

The Screen-Vu Mini is designed for viewing side by side stereo images on computer monitors but also works well to view large side by side stereo prints.  This hand held viewer is elegant enough to use in an art gallery but durable enough viewing the results of fundus photography.  The mirrors are adjustable allowing the user  to change convergence and view a large variety of sizes of images.

This viewer has the best finish of the mirrored stereoscopes making it equally well suited for museum, gallery and ophthalmologist office.

Adjustable Convergence Pull lever closer for smaller screen size.

Adjustable Aspect Ratio Move sliders in the front of unit to accommodate different shaped screens


Instructions: To use close right eye and focus left eye on left image. Then closing left eye focus right eye on right image.         If needed adjust convergence so both eyes can see the respective image at the same time.


Removable Windows for easy cleaning


ScreenVu Mini Stereo Viewer

ScreenVu Mini Stereo Viewer

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