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Stereopticon 707 Viewer

This viewer is great for viewing images in books or images made from the  3D-Lens-In-a-Cap and the Loreo MK II.  It folds flat for easy mailing or insertion into a book.  It will work with image pairs up to around 6 inches wide total such as those made with the Fuji 3D camera.  It also works for images made with the Pentax Optio 230, Optio 330RS or the Optio 430RS digital cameras and replaces the viewer originally made for that camera.   This is the replacement for the Pentax Optio Viewer.

This viewer has also been included in many professional  journals for viewing stereoviews of molecules. It also works well viewing parallel images on an iPod and iPhone. . 

Stereopticon viewer

Stereopticon viewer

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