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The Texel Prequel 3D eyewear puts 3D technology to work. Prequel frames are built for comfort, durability and adaptability. Able to fit over prescription eyewear, the Prequel sports large lenses for an unobstructed view. Ergonomically correct frames fit a wide range of faces and can be worn for extended periods without fatigue or strain. Optically engineered lenses work perfectly with the 3D screens to provide incredibly vivid 3D effects. With great styling, exceptional comfort, and crystal clear optics, Prequel brings 3D effects to life. RealD compatible. These have film lenses so are more economical than the other Gunnar manufactured designer 3D glasses.

Key Product Features:
• Lightweight frames with top quality materials made to last
• Wider frame sizes allows fitting over prescription eyewear
• Optical lenses outperform all disposable 3D eyewear and eyewear bundled with TVs and laptops
• Compatible with RealD cinemas and circular polarized TV sets and laptops

Texel Prequel 3D Glasses

Texel Prequel 3D Glasses

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