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Washington DC the White House

3 Reel Viewmaster Pack

Go on a tour through the White House and see how our President lives. This is a three reel 21 image pack of immersive viewmaster reels. Experience the history and grandeur of the White House up close in a way you've never seen before. Let your imagination take you on an exciting journey through the heart of America.

The White House, Washington DC
Reel A
1. South Front of the White House from the lawn, scene of the annual Easter egg roll 2. The East Room, largest in the White House
3. The Green Room, furnished in American Federal style 4. The oval Blue Room, where Jefferson greeted guests 5. Monroe's table, restored by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961 6. Gilt-bronze Minerva clock & candlesticks-Monroe's era 7. Washington & Jefferson Memorials from the Blue Room

Reel B
1. The 1830's décor of Red Room
with silk-covered walls
2. French desk in the Red Room
holds Jefferson's inkstand
3. The State Dining Room seats more than 100 guests
4. Cross Hall connects rooms on the first foor
5. The "Family" Dining Room, now a small state dining room
North Portico Entrance Hall
7. Ground floor Library, with books by or about presidents

Reel C
1. China Room, a portrait of Mrs. Calvin Coolidge 2. Diplomatic reception room has 1834 French wallpaper 3. Lincoln's bed, in what was
his Cabinet Room 4. Treaty Room with framed treaties of late 19th century 5. The current Cabinet Room in the West Wing 6. The President's Office 7. The President's desk and couches in the Oval Office

The White House, Washington DC 3 Reel Viewmaster Pack

The White House, Washington DC 3 Reel Viewmaster Pack

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