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Transitions 3D  Sensio 3D DVD

The World's First 3D Large Format Film!

Step into a magical journey through past, present and future modes of transportation and communication and their interrelationships. This is the world's first 3d Movie ever shown on an Imax® screen, using a spectacular 3D process developed by the National Film Board of Canada in conjunction with the IMAX® Corporation.

Feel the rush of the opening of the North American continent through innovations in transportation from birch bark canoe, steam engine railways and telegraph, to the wonders of high-tech satellite communication and high-definition television.

Includes the "Making Transitions" documentary (in 2D)

Just like the incredible advances in transportation and communication • highlighted in this film, the IMAX 3D production TRANSITIONS itself was and remains an artistic and technological marvel. Produced for Expo '86 in Vancouver, Canada, the film also showcases achievements of more than a century TRANSITIONS successfully celebrates the art and technology of cinema,skillfully interweaving incredible 3D effects, helicopter logging and a charming 3D teddy bear parade.

Requires Interlaced TV Set and Viewing System
°TRANSITIONS A Film by the National Film Board of Canada For Canada Harbor Place Corporation • Expo 16 directors COLIN LOW and TONY IANZELO director of photography and stereoscopy ERNEST MCNABB edited by MICHAEL MCKENNIREY 


Transitions 3D Sensio 3D DVD

Transitions 3D Sensio 3D DVD

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