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Ultimate Gs 3D DVD

Format: DVDRated: G
( some intense motion images )
Running time: 104 minutes

2D and 3D versions included
3D viewing system required for viewing 3D version
Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
Making of featurette!
Electronic Press with Film Clips, Soundbites and Behind the Scenes

Strap in and HOLD ON!...

In this feature, the awesome 3D effects set against the backdrop of the Grand Canyon are sure to impress anyone. It comes highly recommended both for its visual effects and entertaining story of a young boy having a dream of becoming a pilot and pursuing it despite all odds. In the film, we watch as he matures from boy to man, trying all manner of crazy flying stunts. The movie climaxes with an aerobatic aircraft competition over the spectacular backdrop of the Grand Canyon, Little Colorado River and Lake Powell… the most dynamic aerial stunts ever shot in large format. The flying talents of the pilots will give any audience the thrill of a lifetime! Please make sure to get Shutter Glasses .

Also includes:

"Zac's Dream" short film
"Aerobatics American Style" - Scenes from Expo 2000
4 language tracks: English, German, French, Japanese

This like all DVDs on this page is in field sequential 3D format. For use with our shutter glasses or Stereoscopic Player Software.  

Ultimate Gs 3d DVD Field Sequential

Ultimate Gs 3d DVD Field Sequential

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