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Viewmaster Collectors Guide Supplement

SupplementThe book has 480 pages including eight full colour sections of four pages each.

The book follows the three volumes and gives additional information, unknown issues, new releases, excerpts from dealer magazines, and much more.

Also it gives an overview of Reel Lists and Order Forms that have been available for the consumer market until February 1980. As Dalia Miller says: "Reel Lists today are collected for their dated information, a glimpse into the past, providing a time line for the issue of reels. They are also collected for their beauty and variety as accessories or peripheries of View-Master collecting."

Available since October 15, 2015 (the day that 50 years ago William Gruber passed away)


6450 Viewmaster Collector Guide Supplement $84.95

Table of Contents
Volume 1: World Travel
Volume 2: U.S.A. and Canada
Volume 3: Showtime and Education
Reel Lists and Mail Order Forms
View-Master Reel Lists 1939-1944 / View-Master Reel Lists 1945-1950 / View-Master Reel Catalogs 1946-1949 / SP(ecial) Local View-Master / Reel Lists 1949-1951 / View-Master Reel Lists 1951-1957 / Canadian View-Master Reel Lists 1948-1955 / View-Master Library Lists 1955-1956 / View-Master Packet Lists 1956-1958 / Free Subject Lists in the 1960's / View-Master Mail Order Forms 1958-1972 / European View-Master Mail Order Forms 1962-1969 / Talking View Master Mail Order Forms 1970-1972 / View-Master Mail Order Forms 1973-1980 / View-Master Vacation Travel Guides 1984-1985 / International View-Master Reel and Packet Lists / Information and services for View-Master dealers / Personal View-Master Reel services
  1. View-Master "Look Alikes"
  2. Alpha Cine View-Master Packets
  3. Basic Fun View-Master
  4. The Color Pages
    Color section 1: Alpha Cine View-Master
    Color section 2: Various View-Master and Meopta
    Color section 3: Fisher-Price View-Master from Mexico
    Color section 4: The Earliest View-Master Reels
    Color section 5: View-Master Advertising and the Personal Cameras
    Color section 6: Basic Fun View-Master
    Color section 7: Reel Lists and Product Catalogs
    Color section 8: View-Master Promotion for Dealers

Viewmaster Collector Guide Supplement

Viewmaster Collector Guide Supplement

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