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This Viewer comes with slides of slightly naughty images of woman in vintage-styled photographs. Turn your living room into a risqué soiree and soak up the glamor and frivolity of bygone eras! 

'Lewd and lascivious pictures'. Now not just you, but the butler too, can peep through these special binoculars of Victorian ladies in their undergarments, stockings, dressed as maids, wearing huge hats and showing their frilly underwear - absolutely shocking! Now due to a miracle of technology, the 21st century audience can enjoy what was originally distributed between members of the clergy or in the Houses of Parliament. Lightweight black slide machine with handle, approx. six images in sepia. All great fun and marketed as a Gentleman's Novelty.

Contains collectable viewer, box and reel with 7 3D images!

What the Butler Saw Risque Viewmaster set with Viewer

What the Butler Saw Risque Viewmaster set with Viewer

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